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Different Types Of Chemical Peels Explained!

You may have heard some great things about at-home chemical peels. These promise to exfoliate your skin and offer clinic-like results, but without the same costs. It is important to understand that chemical peeling is not same as using physical scrubs. All chemical peels contain a particular kind of acid in a specific concentration, which helps with the peeling. If you want to find the best offers on at-home peels, check här. In this post, we are explaining the different types of chemical peels.

Knowing the categories

In general, chemical peels are classified in three categories – superficial, medium, and deep.

  • A superficial chemical peel works on the top layer of your skin and makes it look smoother. If you have pigmentation and minor sun damage and blemishes, this could be the category you are looking for. Most superficial chemical peels are gentle on the skin and are great for those who have never used one, besides for people with sensitive skin. Products usually contain alpha hydroxy acid and salicylic acid.
  • The next category is that of medium chemical peels, which are great for scars, fine lines, dry akin, and sun damaged skin. The healing time for medium chemical peels is higher than superficial ones, and if you are trying this kind of peel at home, we recommend that you do patch test first.

  • The third one is the most advanced category, called deep chemical peeling, which is what is done at clinics. These work well on deeper lines, wrinkles, sun damage, deep scars, and you can expect to get smoother skin tone and better results. However, if you are tempted to try deep chemical peeling at the first go, we would suggest otherwise. Always start with a gentle skin peeling product and check how your skin responds to the acid or ingredients.

Buying chemical peels

Always go for a brand that you can trust for chemical peels. Make sure that you select a product that has all the ingredients mentioned, and go easy with the usage. You don’t need a chemical peel very frequently – just once in 15 days is fine for most beginners, and you have to allow your skin to heal following the peeling. Ensure that you use a sunscreen, and avoid using any product that may cause skin irritation.

Do not allow the chemical peel to stay on your skin for more than 10 minutes, or beyond the suggest time on the product box.

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