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HIFU Facial Treatment, And What It Can Do for You

The skin on your face undergoes several changes as you age, but it can also be damaged by environmental factors such as sun exposure, smoking and poor nutrition. One option to help combat this damage and slow the aging process down is a non-invasive treatment called HIFU Melbourne treatment. The procedure uses ultrasound waves to heat the skin from within, minimising discomfort and increasing effectiveness. Learn more about what HIFU in Melbourne can do for you with this review of the procedure!

Tighten Skin on the Neck

HIFU is a revolutionary body shaping technology that reshapes bodies from within. To get results without surgery, HIFU creates a warming sensation in fatty tissue that increases the permeability of fat cells, allowing them to dissolve through leaching out into other parts of your body. The process is safe and natural, as when your body absorbs these fats once they’ve been released from their frozen state in your skin, there is no change in weight or adverse effects on your general health. It also makes a big difference around the neck area, where signs of aging appear first. Performing a HIFU facelift can give you immediate results by tightening up loose skin on your neck. The procedure only takes 30 minutes but is capable of lasting 2-4 years.

Reduce Appearance of Jowls

HIFU in Melbourne has been used to treat excess fat in stubborn areas like the buttocks and thighs. It turns out that HIFU can also be used to target excess fat in your neck, also known as jowls. Repeated motions such as smiling and chewing causes the thickening of tissue in men and women alike. Traditional liposuction doesn’t work well on neck fat because fat cells are thicker here than on other body parts; however, ultrasound energy can pierce these rigid cells.

Lift Drooping Eyelids or Eyebrows

The skin above the eyebrows is fragile. The skin droops with age, creating wrinkles. If you’re experiencing eye closure problems or other issues due to sagging brows or eyelids, a HIFU facial may help. The procedure stimulates collagen production in the under-eye area, restoring elasticity without removing any tissue. With just one treatment, your eyes will look much younger than before! How it works: HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) uses targeted radiofrequency waves to heat deep within the dermis layer where large amounts of collagen fibres are produced.

Smooth Wrinkles on the Face

As people age, their skin becomes less elastic. The skin will start to sag or fold over time. While some level of sagging is inevitable, HIFU treatments are designed to reduce wrinkles on your face by keeping your face tauter. If you’re looking for an anti-aging solution that keeps you looking young without any surgical intervention, then HIFU is worth a look! There are also no downtime or recovery periods with HIFU in Melbourne, just quick sessions with minimal discomfort. However, if doctors find wrinkles that are too deep after testing your response to stimulation levels during a consultation, they may recommend other procedures rather than HIFU.

Smooth and Tighten Chest Skin

Chest skin is fragile when compared to other areas of the body. Consequently, it often takes a long time to show signs of aging. You can lift sagging chest skin with a HIFU device to restore a youthful appearance in that area. The process can help to eliminate excess skin in the area without leaving noticeable scars or causing patients any pain during recovery.

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