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How Do Non-Surgical Face Slimming Treatments Work?

If there is a beauty trend that still persists in Asia, it is the desire for a V-shaped face! What began as a facial shape prized by Korean stars has developed into the very essence of beauty for the majority of Asian women.

While undergoing surgery is an option for getting your face shaped, the non-invasive face slimming options are quickly gaining popularity as well. Whether it is due to its convenience and safety or the utilization of cutting-edge technology that produces outstanding results, the rise in non-invasive v-shape facial procedures in Singapore has always been tremendous.

What Makes Everyone Wish To Have A V-Shaped Face?

The V-shape face, as its name implies, is an elongated and slim face narrowing down to a pointed chin, similar to the letter V.

This facial shape is appealing not only to Asians, but also across Western countries since a slimmer chin signifies youth and emphasizes other facial traits. Furthermore, as we get old, the fat under our skin changes due to flexibility loss.

This results in what’s known as the inverted triangle of youth, a wider face with a droopy jawline. A V-shaped face, however, appears to be more youthful, thinner, and thus the embodiment of femininity.

V-Shape Facial Procedures Without Surgery

You might have heard of BTX being used to reshape the facial structure, and it’s only one of many alternative methods for non-surgical V-shaping. Because of medical developments, it’s now quite simple to sculpt a person’s chin, and a V-shaped face may be obtained in a variety of methods.

Fillers may also be used in conjunction with BTX injections to provide a remarkable improvement in one’s chin. BTX injection relaxes the masseter, decreasing cheek bulge and creating the illusion of a more defined jawline. Fillers may increase the look of the chin by injecting them into the chin to produce the V’s tip.

Ultherapy, a non-surgical, ultrasound-based face slimming procedure that is approved by FDA that works deep beyond the skin’s surface to provide significant, long-lasting skin lifting, contouring, tightening, and facial firmness, is yet another well-known choice. This therapy tightens loose and sagging skin while also stimulating new collagen formation in the skin’s deep supporting layers.

As a result, drooping skin around the jawline may be lifted and tightened, resulting in a more appealing V-shaped face. Ultherapy, in addition to shaping your face to the ideal V-shape, is a wonderful alternative for removing years from your face. It is, without a doubt, your dream non-invasive facelift!

Surgical Vs. Non-Surgical Options

Would you choose a surgical treatment if the same outcomes could be obtained with only a couple of injections? BTX injections provide a safe and quick alternative to surgery jaw contouring. BTX injections may help reduce the masseter muscle’s size by lowering its strength and function (these are the muscles used to chew).

Likewise, Ultherapy allows the skin to be contoured and lifted into a V-shape using ultrasound. Without extended recovery time or the hazards associated with surgery, this non-invasive way to a facelift is as famous with celebs as it is with ordinary people.

Where Could I Obtain A V-Shaped Face With No Surgical Implementation?

While it began as a Korean phenomenon, the desire for a V-shaped face has spread around the world. Singapore is home to a number of the world’s best cosmetic doctors, as well as industry leaders in the newest cosmetic technologies and trends. Many visitors travel to Singapore only for cosmetic procedures since the practice standards are significantly greater than those in Asia or the West.

When deciding who you should trust in Singapore for a cosmetic treatment, the common recommendation is to do your best in researching some more. Choose someone who’s handled these procedures on a variety of face and skin types. Check online for word-of-mouth recommendations and reviews, and, most significantly, don’t settle for anybody who does not have a medical degree.

While Ultherapy and BTX appear to be safe treatments, the treatment’s result is entirely in the hands of your qualified cosmetic doctor.

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