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How to take care of your skin during winter

Due to low temperatures and the aggressions they can cause to our body, it is essential to pay attention to skin care in winter. In colder months, it is common for our skin to become dry, for allergies to appear and for its appearance to be compromised.

But don’t worry, because taking care of your skin this time of year isn’t that complicated. We just need to pay attention to some details that may go unnoticed in our daily lives. So keep reading this article and learn how to take care of your skin so that it stays soft and beautiful all year.

  1. Avoid too hot baths

Hot baths are one of the biggest temptations during the low temperature months. Especially for women, who naturally feel colder than men. However, too hot water, in addition to being able to cause skin burns, also removes all of its natural protection, causing dryness.

The ideal thing is for the bath to be lukewarm, at a pleasant temperature. At the same time, prefer to use moisturizing soaps, which minimize aggression and help nourish the skin. Exfoliators must be done with caution, as they can increase dryness and cause allergies, you should also exfoliate your face using appropriate tools that will gently clean and get your face free from dirt, the Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser is perfect for this task.

  1. Moisturize the skin of the whole body

Add to your winter skincare routine the use of moisturizing lotions or body oils to lock in moisture. Don’t forget that the whole body needs this attention, which includes the face, hands, feet, and lips.

Always use a good quality product, suitable for your skin type and also indicated for the body part to be hydrated. That is, for the face, use a face cream, for the feet and hands, also specific creams. This must be done to ensure that hydration is just right.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Although moisturizing creams are essential, there is no point in moisturizing only from the outside in, because it will be superficial. It is also essential that your body is hydrated, so that the skin can produce its natural protection.

This is achieved only with water intake, something we reduce a lot during the colder months. Try to police yourself so you don’t neglect this very important factor. A good practice is to keep a bottle with you so you don’t forget to drink water, as it’s harder to feel thirsty.

  1. Use sunscreen

Although the sun is a little milder during the cold months, it is also part of winter skin care to use sunscreen. After all, the sun’s radiation does not disappear, and although it is pleasant to be exposed to it, its aggressions continue.

Even if your body skin is covered, don’t forget that your face is unprotected. So, don’t leave the house without applying a good sunscreen on your face, preferably indicated for this area of the body. If you are going to expose other parts to the sun, also apply the product.

  1. Maintain a balanced diet

In winter, our body asks for more calories, and it’s natural to feel like eating sweet and heavier foods, neglecting fruits and vegetables. However, this is a mistake we cannot make, as the skin still needs nutrients to remain beautiful and healthy.

Also, typical winter foods contain more toxins than natural ones. This characteristic associated with low water intake brings damage to the skin and the entire body, as these substances accumulate in the blood and this is reflected in our appearance.

It is important to remember that winter skin care should be carried out for all skin types, including oily skin. Therefore, your only concern should be looking for products that are ideal for you, but never stop taking care of yourself to keep your appearance beautiful and healthy, even in the coldest months.

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