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Top Hair Care Tips to Prevent Dandruff

Dandruff is a common issue and it can affect anyone. It’s a skin condition that impacts the scalp and makes it greasy and itchy. But, do you know what causes dandruff? So, when the scalp produces more sebum, an unexpected yeast development takes place, which, hence, causes dandruff. 

This scalp condition is characterized by the presence of a greasy scalp, itchiness, and white flakes.

People who have dealt with dandruff know that the whole cycle of overseeing the condition and preventing it is very troublesome. Truth be told, the fear of being caught with dandruff on the shoulders is so profound that people tend to stay away from social gatherings.

We follow so many extravagant skincare routines, but would you say that you take enough care of your scalp, which is an extension of your skin?

Let’s get to know more about dandruff and find out the best ways to deal with it.

What Causes Dandruff?

·         Your scalp naturally produces oil through numerous sebaceous glands located all over. Malassezia globose is basically a type of fungi often present in the top layer of scalp skin, producing no issues, and it is naturally found in all the humans on the scalp


·         It is undeniable that dandruff is caused by the fungus, Malassezia globosa, which feeds on sebum, but it only happens when the sebum production goes haywire.


·         When this oil or sebum builds up, it increases the growth of the fungus. This fungus breaks down the oil into a by-product called Oleic acid, and almost half of the world is sensitive to it.


·         This leads to an accumulation of dead skin cells on the scalp, which eventually start to flake and shed. Basically, the cause of dandruff is excessive oil build-up, and which makes your scalp oily and irritable, while your hair becomes dull. Hence, this answers your query about ‘what is dandruff’.


When it comes to dandruff, it is always important to take care of your hair hygiene because if the scalp is not cleansed properly, it allows the oil to build up. So, taking care of your hair becomes very crucial.


Effective Remedies to Prevent Dandruff

Home remedies exist for almost any problem in our country. If you have a slight cold, muscle pain, or even dark circles, you’ll always find one or the other home remedy, and dandruff isn’t any different.

There exist various dandruff home remedies that can help alleviate your condition, but always be careful with the quantities.


  • Neem – This is the one that everyone talks about. Using neem to fight dandruff is well documented. Its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties can give you instant relief from itching. You can create a paste and apply it to your scalp and hair, or even drink it as juice.


  • Aloe Vera – This natural gel can soothe your itchy scalp and calm those red patches which flare up. Aloe Vera has fatty acids and enzymes that can clear up the excess oil on your scalp and moisturize it at the same time. Apply it directly to your scalp for immediate effect.
  • Argan oil – Using essential oils, like Argan oil, can work wonders to protect your scalp. Even though it might sound counterintuitive, this oil can create a protective layer on your scalp and massaging it in can increase blood circulation. It can untangle your hair and allow the natural oils to flow freely, preventing accumulation on the scalp.


  • Lemon – Squeezing diluted drops of lemon juice onto your scalp can restore the pH balance of your skin. The anti-microbial characteristics of lemons can help unclog your hair follicles and reduce inflammation.


  • Scalp hygiene – Although home remedies are great and you should follow them, but it requires patience to see the changes. But, if you feel that you are pinched for time and need quick results, you can try the various effective dandruff shampoos that exist in the market.

There exist shampoos that incorporate elements from nature, like the Neem Anti-dandruff shampoo which is meant for itchy scalps.

 These are built to get rid of your dandruff and prevent it from making a comeback. You could also try Head and Shoulder shampoos for dandruff like the Silky Smooth or the Cool Menthol, which can cool your scalp and reduce the itching and occurrence that is associated with dandruff.


People dealing with dandruff can try these home remedies, but it is important to use the ones that suit your hair type. Often, combining different home remedies can end up aggravating your dandruff problem instead of solving it.

In a nutshell, always get acquainted with all these home remedies and ensure that they suit your hair to avoid any further hair damage.   

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