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What are the Most Effective Non-Invasive Treatments for Dark Eye Circles?

If you are like most people, you don’t like having dark circles under your eyes. While harmless, dark eye circles can make you look tired and old. They can also make you appear like you have not gotten enough sleep or you have been working too hard.

While blepharoplasty is considered a long-term dark eye circles treatment option, not everyone prefers it as it is invasive. The good news? There are also several dark eye circles treatment that are not invasive.

Non-Invasive Treatment Options for Dark Eye Circles

Professional skin care products such as topical creams can effectively treat dark eye circles provided that it’s mild. However, they will only provide a temporary fix and not solve the problem permanently.

There are surgical methods like transplanting or repositioning fat under the eyes to treat the dark eye circles. However, many people shy away from surgical options because of the incision, anesthesia, and long recovery period involved.

Below are some non-invasive treatment options you can explore to fix dark eye circles:

Under Eye Filler (Ideal for Those with Sunken Under Eyes)

For those with dark circles that are caused by sunken under-eye areas, getting under eye fillers is one of the best options available at your disposal. To achieve natural results, choosing the right type of filler is crucial.

Regular hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers is one option but they can still make the under-eye still appear bluish after the procedure. Regular HA fillers are not ideal for dark circles or love bands under your eyes.

For dark circles, opaque fillers are typically recommended. Since the filler is opaque, it can help scatter the light (Tyndall effect). This can make the under-eye area appear brighter.

Thread Lifting and Ultherapy (Ideal for Dark Circles Caused by Sagging and Excess Under-Eye Fat)

If the dark circles are attributed to protruding excess fat in the under-eye area, it can be treated using a combination of ultherapy and thread lifting. This non-invasive combination can provide natural results and is considered very safe.

Since the skin found around the eyes is sensitive and thinner, using the threads with the thinnest PDO is considered the best and safest approach. Ultherapy can also help treat pigmentation and skin elasticity issues.

Laser Treatment (Ideal for Dark Circles Cause by Blood Vessels that Show Up Under the Skin)

If you notice protruding or sunken areas under your eyes, it can be attributed to muscles and blood vessels that show up under the thin under-eye skin. The blood vessels can become especially apparent when you are tired.

Laser treatment can sink the blood vessels to target issues such as surgical scarring, keloid, and facial flushing that are caused by the excessive expansion of the capillaries. It can also destroy hemoglobin without causing any damage to the skin tissue.

Luminus Cell and Toning (Ideal for Dark Circles Caused by Pigmentation)

When pigmentation is the cause of the dark circles, it can be effectively treated using luminus cell and toning (whitening). When there is an increased melanin pigmentation around the eyes, the under-eye area can also appear darker.

To fix this symptom, luminus cell therapy and whitening therapy is used. This combination has been known to effectively improve skin pigmentation.

Final Thoughts

There are many causes of dark under-eye circles that most people are not aware of. However, since everyone is different, the dark circles can be caused by a combination of reasons. To treat your dark circles effectively, you need to consult a professional so you will get expert guidance.

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